Is the Bible True?

Is The Bible True?

Pastor Pat James
(Originally published in the Oregonian)

I understand there are many Christians who simply decided to believe the gospel message; that Jesus is the Son of God, He paid the debt of our sin and we can have salvation and eternal life simply by believing that.

I must admit that I cannot believe something simply by deciding to believe. I must first become convinced that a thing is in fact true. So for me the question was, how do I go about verifying the truth of the claims of Christianity?

Since the claims of Christianity are based on the Bible, then our basic question involves the veracity of this great book. Is the Bible really the inerrant inspired word of God?

If the Bible truly is the Word of God, then we would expect to find some very unusual and significant facts surrounding this book. If the Bible is what it claims to be then one would certainly expect to find unique information within its contents. We would also expect to find unusual circumstances related to the development, preservation and transmission of such an exceptional document.

Even a cursory study reveals that the Bible truly is unique, not only in the message that it brings to mankind, but also in many other ways. For example, the Bible was written over a period of 1500 years by at least 40 different authors who were inspired by God. These authors represented nearly every social and economic level. They included kings and paupers, as well as the educated and uneducated. They were separated by location, time and culture; they wrote on every conceivable topic relating to human existence, many of them controversial, yet their writings merge into one cohesive whole. It is doubtful that we could name even three secular authors who agreed completely on all things. The only reasonable explanation is that of a supernatural influence.

The Bible is also unique in its survival. Powerful dictators have determined to wipe the Bible from the face of the earth. Those men have gone, but the Bible remains.

The Bible has withstood every form of criticism known to man. However historical investigation, archeological discoveries and scientific examination have repeatedly proven the Bible to be entirely accurate and reliable. Not to mention the literally hundreds of prophecies which have been perfectly fulfilled to the smallest detail.

It is only reasonable to conclude that the Bible truly is the inspired word of God and since that is true, what could possibly be more important than to learn what it says and do what it says?

Pastor Pat James is the pastor emeritus of True Hope Christian Fellowship Church
2516 18th. Ave, Forest Grove, OR Telephone 503-357-8534

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