Please Feel Free to Contact Us!

at 2506 18th Ave., Forest Grove, OR 97116

Or, you are welcome to just show up at any of our services.

Also, Sermons available on Audio Podcasts at

True Hope Christian Fellowship has multiple leadership:

Our Pastors/Elders currently are:

  • Chet Bishop @ (503) 740-1155   email:
  • Others to be annouced: we believe in multiple shepherds.

Past Shepherds

Pastor Emeritus (founding pastor):

  • Pat (and Jan) James (Now deceased; June 18th, 2018)

Recently Deceased

  • Richard Banham (Died May 29th, 2020)


  • Ruth Kenney (retired)
  • Chuck (and Shelli) Carpenter @ (503) 648-7588
  • Ann Bishop
  • Barak and Kezia Lundberg
  • Randy Olsen

There is a church office phone at which one can leave a message:  (503) 357-8534

3 Replies to “Please Feel Free to Contact Us!”

  1. I have just this evening found this website, and have so far read two articles, and they both gave me insight and confirmation. Do you have an email list that I could sign up for? I would love to attend your church, but alas, I am in Tennessee.

  2. Miss Rana;

    We post our sermon notes on this website every week, and a link to the audiofiles on our facebook page,
    So far, no “email list.” Sorry.

    Chet Bishop

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