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at 2506 18th Ave., Forest Grove, OR 97116

True Hope Christian Fellowship has multiple leadership:

Our Pastors/Elders currently are:

  • Chet Bishop @ (503) 740-1155   email:
  • Others to be annouced: we believe in multiple shepherds.

Past Shepherds

Pastor Emeritus (founding pastor):

  • Pat (and Jan) James (Now deceased; June 18th, 2018)

Recently Deceased

  • Richard Banham (Died May 29th, 2020)


  • Mark (and Judy) Lohrer @  (503) 324-3050
  • Ruth Kenney (retired)
  • Chuck (and Shelli) Carpenter @ (503) 648-7588
  • Rick (and Kristen) Flemmer 
  • Ann Bishop

There is a church office phone at which one can leave a message:  (503) 357-8534

3 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. I have just this evening found this website, and have so far read two articles, and they both gave me insight and confirmation. Do you have an email list that I could sign up for? I would love to attend your church, but alas, I am in Tennessee.

  2. Miss Rana;

    We post our sermon notes on this website every week, and a link to the audiofiles on our facebook page,
    So far, no “email list.” Sorry.

    Chet Bishop

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