The Old Fashioned Way (1914 Hymn)

“The Old-Fashioned Way”

by Civilla D, Martin 1914

They call me old-fa­shioned be­cause I be­lieve
That the Bi­ble is God’s ho­ly Word,
That Je­sus, who lived among men long ago,
Is divine, and the Christ of God.


My sin was old-fa­shioned,
My guilt was old-fa­shioned,
God’s love was old-fa­shioned, I know;
And the way I was saved was the old-fa­shioned way,
Through the blood that makes whit­er than snow.

Old-fashioned, be­cause I be­lieve and ac­cept
Only what has been spok­en from Heav’n;
Old-fashioned be­cause at the cross I was saved,
At the cross had my sins for­giv’n.


Old-fashioned, be­cause I am bound to do right,
To walk in the straight nar­row way;
Because I have giv­en my whole life to God,
Old-fashioned be­cause I pray.


Old-fashioned, be­cause I am look­ing above
To Je­sus, my glo­ri­fied Lord;
Because I be­lieve He is com­ing again,
Fulfilling His Holy Word.


I Can Relate to ALL of These Words!

I guess this labels me an Old Fashioned Christian, going to an Old Fashioned Church, reading an Old Fashioned Bible, singing Old Fashioned Hymns!

And, That’s OK by me!

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